Howto Utilize The Usb Wireless Network Card On Hd

sdraiettaDM800 HD has got the Flash interface once we all learn, this afford them the ability to plug a USB wireless network card to HD. However, if we should use the function of USB wireless network card, we have to possess a wireless network access level (AP) first. We can utilize the 54Mbps ADSL router to create the WLAN.   First, we turn on DM800 HD, and then ought to select the USB network card to the Flash port around the backboard of HD.

Subsequently; you have to set the variables while in the OS up. The operating system we employ now's Gemini 2.   1. Although way of Main Menu Blue Board – Adjustments to get into the Module environment screen move. We pick the RT73 and conserve the settings use the natural sdraietta key since the Flash network card we used in this event employs the travel of RT73. 2. After the packing procedure, enter the web environment screen though Main Menu Controls – System's means.

Choose the choice to restart network. 3. If the network is restarted, get back to the circle location interface. Today, here could be the Selecting Network Card solution, push okay on remote controller to obtain in. 4. Now you are in the Circle Controls interface, you will see an instant system added choice that is scan. We have to check instant system transmission first, therefore press the OK option and get in before we get to use the WLAN.

5. Of Select A Wireless Network while in the screen, we could seethe Hot – Spots. Pick the one you need to link and you'll start to see the massage of "1 WIRELESS SYSTEM (S) DISCOVERED!" The SSID of the circle could be the label of the switch you uses and SECURITY: NO means that the community doesn't utilize the encryption settings. 6. Now, you set the IP address similar to the onboard LAN system and get to the Circle Card Settings using the ordinary way.

You've to pay for focus on that when the WLAN uses the encryption options; you've to create the type (WEP, WPA, WPA2 or WPA&WPA2) and key kind (ASCII, HEX) of the protected network. 7. After the adjustments, you'll be able to lively the circle using the fine key and if the method consult you whether to restrict the next circle card, also you have to select YES.   Congratulations, you've completed all the things expected; you will take pleasure in the wireless network.

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