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عطور نسائيةIn recent years, the beauty industry has surprised us with a delicious new trend: gourmet perfumes and cosmetics.
Products that incorporate not only nutritious and energizing properties of certain fruits or food, but also its aroma, color and texture. This new wave of gourmet beauty products nicamente not limited to raw materials, but today it is common to find body lotions and fragrances that evoke elaborate meals.
The culinary specialty pastry ideal result for their sensual aromas perfuming the world of cosmetics. And so emerged perfumes that evoke cherry pie or coconut or chocolate chip cookies. Libert fragrance from Cacharel, launched in 2007 with Giselle Bndchen image is proposed at the time as the scent of freedom.

But in reality, is inspired by high-pastry dessert, creation of a famous chef vedette French. His grades? Vanilla, sweet patchouli, vetiver and spices.
The American designer Ralph Lauren Ralph Hot launched in 2006, a version of his classic sexy fragrance Ralph. And the newest member of the family is a sweet spirit and gourmet. If you beloved this write-up and you would like to obtain far more information pertaining to افضل العطور kindly pay a visit to our own web site. A fragrance that explodes in a youthful lust, colorful and fun, with hints of chocolate, caramel, fig and maple syrup.

Defined by some as a milder version and carefree clebre Black Orchid by Tom Ford, Ralph Hot is now discontinued. Consolation for his many fanatics, some believe to find some similarity between this fragrance and Vera Wang Princess perfume Perhaps because of its sweet hints of vanilla and chocolate.
Although the heart of Princess, another fragrance that is proposed as a juvenile, light and fun, is composed mainly of delicate aquatic flowers.

Lastly, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its signature perfume, Flowerbomb, launched in 2005, the exotic Dutch designers Victor & Rolf planned a very special celebration. And called the renowned chef Yannick Allno francs to give life to My Sweet Flowerbomb, the first cake flavored scent.
The ingredients? Other cake flavored crunchy green at, praline, rose, jasmine and lime. And a secret ingredient that, according to its creators, in your mouth triggers the same explosion of sweet and funny and mythical fragrance. A little luxury, creative, dynamic and original as all the work of these increasingly more renowned Dutch designers.

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