Doctor Unusual (2016)

doctor strange full movie If this year's harvest of comic book films has been unsatisfactory for some, Doctor Strange is an eleventhhour consolation prize. Strength of performance aside, her presence in this particular film will be hard for many to estrange from extratextual connotation; Doctor Odd tries to use the enchantment of puzzle to explain away its option to occupy a traditionally Asian character with a white actor, though it feels at these factors like it's only further digging its own grave.

doctor strange full movieAs do the performances from a forged that signify show Marvel Studios' accomplishments are now taken: watching Academy Award staples like Swinton and Ejiofor earnestly discussing dimensions that are dark frequently feels like the most unbelievable magic trick of the film.

Even for those who haven't yet tired of the clear-cut fisticuffs and louder conflict royales that have proved a constant from Iron Man through Captain America: Civil War , Doctor Strange's bombastic split from routine should feel terrifically refreshing.

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